Sofi Alexandrou featured in, "Ftiakse Kalokeria"
​Written by Eric Snyder | Produced by Johnny Bacolas

In the steps of her father

  Sofi Alexandrou is the daughter of famous Greek vocalist and composer, Lakis Alexandrou, who shined in the music industry of Greece in the 70’s.  He was referred to as, “The Al Bano of Greece,” a reference made to a famous Italian singer who had several international hit songs.   With his melodic voice and beautiful songs, Lakis Alexandrou enchanted audiences in Greece and abroad.  In an interview on Greek National TV featuring both Lakis Alexandrou and daughter Sofi Alexandrou, the interviewer asked Lakis, "What advise would you give your daughter in the music business?"  He simply responded, "Be careful."  The interview in its entirely can be seen here

Sofi Alexandrou was born in Athens Greece, and grew-up in an artistic household.  She recalls memories of her father taking her to his recording sessions and his concerts, and hearing him write songs in the house.  In school Alexandrou was an exceptionally good student.   After High School, she studied to be a Kindergarten teacher.  Soon after, she studied piano and took vocal lessons for five years with one of the top vocal instructors of Greece, Anna Diamatopoulou, who was also the vocal teacher for legendary Greek singer, Haris Alexiou
In 1998, she performed her first professional concert series with music legend, Tolis Voskopoulos, which she recalls, "Was a very large production, featuring a full orchestra and large dance segments."  The shows were performed in Athens, lasted several months, and were hugely successful.  

 Also, in 1998, she released her first single, “It’s the hours.”  Several other live collaborations followed, with shows in Greece, throughout Europe, Israel, and Australia, performing alongside some of Greece’s top singers including, Lefteris Pantazis, Themis Adamatidis, Zafeiris Melas, Angela Dimitriou, and many others.

In 2015, one of Alexandrou’s highlights of her career was a performance in Albania in one of the country’s largest music festivals called, “The Open of Spring,” which had over 20,000 people in attendance.  “Hearing the applause from the audience was one of my most memorable experiences of my life, and gave me chills,” says Alexandrou.

In 2015, Alexandrou was hired to perform concerts with Stelios and Agelos Dionisiou, the sons of legendary Greek singer, Stratos Dionisiou, honoring the late memory of their father.  “It’s a big honor for me to share the same stage and perform with Stelios and Agelos Dionisiou, and to perform their father's classic songs,” says Alexandrou.

In 2016, Alexandrou began collaborating with Greek/American producer and co-founder of The Rumba Kings, Johnny Bacolas, after he saw videos of her on Youtube singing duets with Stelios Dionisiou, and he contacted her.  “I was really impressed with her voice and her stage presence.  I was also very impressed that she was commissioned by The Dionisiou family to commemorate Stratos’ body of work.  This is an incredible honor.  Stratos Dionisiou is my all-time favorite Greek vocalist,” says Bacolas.   

Alexandrou recorded vocals and wrote Greek lyrics to eight songs featured on The Rumba Kings’ debut double-disc album titled, “The Instrumental Sessions, Vol I, which include such songs as, Mila Mou, Stahti, Agelo Zito, and Ftiakse Kalokeria.   In 2020 The Rumba Kings released the single, “Den tha se ksehaso,” featuring Sofi Alexandrou, which she co-wrote Greek lyrics with John Paul Mychael Adams.  She is also featured in eight music videos with The Rumba Kings, all produced by Johnny Bacolas and filmed in various locations throughout Greece, such as the islands of Mykonos, and Santorini.

In 2019, Alexandrou started performing with world-famous vocalist, Makis Christodoulopoulos.  “This is also one of the biggest honors of my life, to perform by Makis’ side, and that he trusts me to sing a duet with him,” says Alexandrou.

If she were to describe what singing means to her with three words, she says they would be, “Expression, soul, and dynamics.”

Today she continues singing for the memory of her father, because as she says, “My father lives through my voice.”

 Sofi Alexandrou also speaks fluent English.    

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"Mila Mou," The Rumba Kings
​featuring Sofi Alexandrou