Rhythm Guitarist

Mohamed "Moe" Hussein, was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt in 1991, to a family of engineers.  His father first discovered he had a musical ear at the age of five, when he got him a toy keyboard, and realized he can play along with songs he hears on the TV.  From there, Hussein studied music at Cairo Musical Center, focusing on piano until the age of twelve.   At the age of seventeen, Hussein fell in love with the nylon guitar driven music of The Gypsy Kings, which led him to borrow a friend’s guitar to see what he can come up with. Within a week, he purchased his first guitar and started his guitar journey by learning from jamming with friends ​and watching videos. 

Hussein studied Computer Science at the British University in Egypt, where he co-founded an eight-man band with his college friend Hazem, called Rockabekya, where they mashed rock music and Latin music, with oriental Egyptian style. The band played a few live shows before Hussein had to leave Egypt to start a new journey in Seattle as a software engineer in 2013.  After moving to the Seattle, Hussein started a one man band playing his favorite songs in his own unique arrangement where he plays a myriad of instruments.

In 2016, Hussein joined, and helped kickstart the band, Bug Hunter.  The band subsequently released its debut album, The Rough Draft, and went on two U.S. tours where they performed for fans in over 20 states.
After the band's successful run, Hussein decided to pursue his real passion of playing instrumental flamenco inspired Mediterranean music, and went that direction to eventually join The Rumba Kings in November of 2020, whereas the band’s music aligns with his musical tastes.

Hussein's musical inspirations vary across the spectrum, from Amr Diab, Yanni, The Gypsy Kings, Metallica, SOAD, MJ, Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Farah & Strunz, Armik and Opal Ocean.

​Moe also enjoys snowboarding, soccer and surfing.

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