The Beginning – Pots, Pans, Pillows and Passion
Joshua Kossak, born and raised in Marysville, Washington, started playing drums at the ripe-old-age age of 3. He created his first “drum set” himself using pots, pans and pillows. And his “drumsticks” where truly sticks (yes, small braches from trees!). To Josh’s parents, it was quite apparent indeed that Josh really wanted to play the drums, so they purchased him a real drum set. (And real drumsticks, too. Fortunately.) With supportive parents, a new drum set, and drive to spare, growing up Josh played drums in local churches and won multiple awards while in his school band. His passion for music and drums never wavered, so he headed off to Los Angeles to learn from the best, with the dream of becoming a professional drummer.

The Academic Years – Perfecting His Craft
In 2005, Josh moved to Los Angeles, California to study music at Musicians Institute (MI). While at MI, he furthered his craft learning from some of the best drummers in the business. He also studied privately with three-time, world champion snare drum player Rob Carson; jazz legend Chuck Floresof the Woody Hermon Band; and Austrian prodigy Bernard Galane. During this time he practiced relentlessly. After graduating from MI in 2007, Josh studied privately for two years with Chris ColemanofPrince, Chaka Kahn, Stevie Wonder, and New Kids on the Block.

The Los Angeles Years – Rock, Jazz, Reggae, Gospel, and Hip Hop
After graduating from MI, Josh played with multiple bands and artists in Los Angeles. In 2007 he toured with hard rock bandCitizen Rising, played with Las Vegas reggae band Crossfireand jazz fusion guitarist Lee Wanner, with whom he was able to play the legendary jazz club The Baked Potato. In 2008 and 2009 Josh played with gospel worship group Dane Patao and Victorious, a band that included top-tier musicians Lance Tolbert of Mariah Carey, Devon Johnson of Chante Moore, and Anthony Crawford of Allen Holdsworth. At the end of 2008, Victoriousplayed the Lahaina Civic Center in Hawaii. It was a milestone event, being the first major worship concert to take place in Hawaii. During this time Josh also became a go-to drummer for many L.A. churches and also was able to share the stage with Chante Moore. Towards the end of 2010 he was the drummer for European hip hop artist Gleam Joel, gigging extensively throughout Los Angeles.

Back to Seattle – Rock, Gospel, Blues, and Country
In 2011, Josh moved back to Washington State and started working the Seattle music scene. In mid 2011, he toured the west coast and music festivals with rock band Phantoms. During this time he also played drums for The City Churchand Northshore Christian'sworship ministries. At the close of 2012, Josh joined the Tony Bridges Band, a high-energy country-rock band that plays to packed houses at casinos throughout Washington. His performance with Tony Bridgeshelped Josh to land the local drum throne for Season 5 American Idolwinner Taylor Hicks when he played The Little Creek Casino in 2014. Also in 2014, Josh played local Seattle venues for Seattle R&B artist Mark Shirtz. In the latter part of 2014 he took up the drum throne with smooth jazz artist Lance Randalland his band the Nu Jazz Playaswho he played with throughout 2014-2016. From 2017 to 2020 Josh jumped on a host of gigs of all different styles ranging from country, jazz, to Greek, symphonic and classic rock, playing with artist like Miller Campbell, Darin Jones and the last man standing, The Olson Brothers, Dakota Poorman, and groups likeElton Joel, The Rumba Kings, and Symphony North.

"Joshua is a drummer's drummer.  Everything about Joshua's as a musician is A+.  We can always count on Joshua to have all the material ready to go, performed with great accuracy.  His energetic and passionate performances elevate the shows.  Everybody in the band loves working with him." - Co-founder/Producer, Johnny Bacolas

​Joshua is currently one of the live drummers in The Rumba Kings' rotation.


​Joshua Kossak performing live with The Rumba Kings