to The Rumba Kings


A bold, spirited, diverse and romantic blend of all that's great in Latin music, with an added twist of Mediterranean magic!

The Rumba Kings’ style of nylon guitar driven music is romantic, soulful, and passionate, delivered with an energetic and emotionally-impacting live performance. The band puts a big emphasis on their showmanship. Guitarist, George Stevens says, “I like to integrate a visual aspect to the show when I perform by dancing while I play, and reacting with the crowd. I want to give the audience a heightened experience of not only the music, but also visually.”

The show features mostly instrumental nylon-guitar driven music, influenced by such artists as Yanni and The Gipsy Kings.  In 2021, The Rumba Kings' shows will feature a string quartet, and several new musicians to the stage, elevating the shows to a level never experienced before at any of the band’s prior performances.  Whether you’ve seen the band several times, or never before, the new 2021 show is on a different level!  The band is thrilled to have one of the most respected string quartets in the Seattle-area, Arcobaleno Strings, accompanying them on the majority of the songs.  Also one of the Northwest's top violinists, Rachel Nesvig, performs solo with the band on several songs.  Several guest vocalist also make special appearances.  The show is almost three hours in length, with over 33 songs being performed.  Music Director, Johnny Bacolas, says of the new show, “It now more closely resembles a Vegas production more than anything else.  This is how George and I always envisioned our shows when we were planning them early-on.  It's pure class.  It's a night out at The Copacabana in the 40's, like in the movies.  This is the ultimate get dress-up and have a classy night out show.”

“If it isn’t beautiful, it doesn’t make the cut,” says lead guitarists and co-founder, George Stevens.  “We want to put on a show that really moves people, that gives them a feeling they can’t get anywhere else,” Stevens says.  Co-founder and bassist Johnny Bacolas continues, “we wanted to create a show that we would love to experience, and get chills watching and listening to.  That hasn’t happened to me in a long time.  There's nothing like this show on the market.”  “Two words to describe our show and music would be ‘Passionate and Beautiful’,” says Bacolas.

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