Producer, Johnny Bacolas and engineer Lefteris Neromyliotis recording the debut record. 
​Sofita Studios, Athens, Greece - September 2017

George Stevens and Johnny Bacolas
on break from a recording session
​June 2015

Rehearsals for live shows
Bellevue, Washington - Jan. 2016

Live at Bake's Place
Feb 2017

Producer, Johnny Bacolas and engineer
​Miltos Schimatariotis recording the debut record. 
​Northside Studios, Athens, Greece - September 2017

New Single "Mila Mou"

​The Rumba Kings & Sofi Alexandrou
Sample and Buy on iTunes Here
Watch the video Here

Early performance playing The "Loft" in Edmonds
​April 2016

Rustam Shtar performing with The Rumba Kings
​May 2017

Johnny Bacolas recording the debut CD
Robert Lang Studios, Shoreline, WA - July 2017

Live at Bake's Place. Bellevue, WA. December  2017
​Photo by Alex Hart Photography

​Listen to a live recording from Bake's Place here on souncloud>>

​Adds Stevens,  "We started a band that plays a wide range of music styles such as Flamenco, Rumba, Greek, Italian, Spanish, and much more. In all my years of performing, I've never been more excited than now, because of the amazing music and musicianship that we have in this new band.”

The shows were an instant hit, and soon the band was asked to play a weekly show at one of Seattle's premiere venues, Bake's Place.  In January 2017, the band began performing every Thursday night at the prestigious, Bake's Place, located in the affluent city of Bellevue, WA.  "We fine-tuned our show on that stage," says Bacolas.  He adds, " The objective was for the band to be a well-lubed machine by the time the CD was released in 2018." 

Hear the live recording from the first show at Bake's Place  here>

Performing live on Seattle's KNKX Radio (L-R) Johnny Bacolas, George Stevens, Andrey Zasypkin, Rustam Shtar, Tor Dietrichson, Teddy Adams. 

Soon after, the band began a stringent rehearsal schedule and began performing small clubs to begin crafting and fine-tuning the band's live shows.  "We started playing small gigs and performing our original songs live, working out all the kinks," says Bacolas.   

George Stevens and Teddy Adams
​April 2017

Live at Bake's Place
Feb 2017

Johnny and Panagiotis (violinist) recording violins 
Sofita, Studios, Athens, Greece - ​September 2017

Andrey Zasypkin recording Drums at Robert Lang Studios
​July 2017 - photo by Johnny Bacolas

Vocalists Sofi Alexandrou during a video shoot for
"Agelo Zito (ballad version) - Sept. 2017
Photo by Johnny Bacolas

Percussionist, Tor Dietrichson
December 2017

Teddy Adams, Rustam Shtar, Tor Dietrichson, George Stevens, Johnny Bacolas - December 2017

Bacolas and Stevens begin writing and
recording together in Bacolas' studio.
​One of the first sessions.  Kirkland, WA. - June 2015

Johnny Bacolas, George Stevens, Rustam Shtar, Teddy Adams, Tor Dietrichson, Andrey Zasypkin - April 2017

Bacolas and Stevens
Late night recording session at Bacolas' studio
​(Abbey of Thelma Studio) - Oct. 2016

The first gig. A small house party in Mercer Island, Washington
​Teddy Adams, George Stevens, Johnny Bacolas
July 2015

Bacolas began recording the music, working with musicians around the world, and using four separate studios (two studios in the Pacific Northwest, and two in Athens, Greece).  

Lefteris, Johnny, Gianni, Sofi,  recording percussion and violin
Sofita Studios, Athens, Greece - ​September 2017 

Technically the first band photo.
Vinnie Uanno, Teddy Adams, George Stevens, Johnny Bacolas
July 2015

George Stevens  - March 2017
​Seattle, Washington

In July of 2015, Stevens and Bacolas put together a live group and played a small house party in Mercer Island, Washington, as a warm-up gig.

George Stevens - December 2017

A little history about the band...
​In the Spring of 2013, producer/musician Johnny Bacolas began aggressively searching for musicians to form an original group with the vision of writing and recording beautiful Mediterranean-inspired songs, some instrumental and some with vocals, and performing the music live with a powerful, passionate, and exciting show.  "I was searching for musicians that had something very special about each of them.  I literally auditioned over 75 + musicians.  I was looking for top-level artists that were capable of delivering passionate, energetic and emotional performances," says Bacolas.

In January of 2016, The Rumba Kings began collaborating with Greek vocalist, Sofi Alexandrou.  In the summer of 2016 and 2017, Bacolas flew to beautiful Greece to shoot music videos with Sofi, and record her vocal tracks.  In September 2017 Bacolas filmed Sofi on the dreamy island of Santorini for a new song called "Mila Mou."

Russian born vocalist, Rustam Shtar, performs live with the group from time to time and upon special request.  Rustam has won several prestigious awards in Russia and is famous nationally in his native country.  He's a phenomenal musician and the band always enjoys the high energy shows they perform together.

Johnny Bacolas - September 2017
Rafina, Greece

Early promo photo. (L-R) Teddy Adams, Vinnie Uanno, George Stevens, Johnny Bacolas, James Bergstrom

During this time, in 2015,  George Stevens and his family had recently moved to Washington State from Los Angeles and Bacolas was introduced to Stevens by a mutual friend who owns and operates a small club in the quiet ocean-side suburb of Edmonds, WA.  Prior to moving to Washington State, Stevens was in a successful group that performed clubs and private events around the Los Angeles area called The Gipsy Boys.  Bacolas recalls first meeting George; "I went to see George perform at The Loft in Edmonds soon after he moved up here.  My friend owns it and told me he was playing, and that I should come check out the music.  When the band took their first break break, George approached me and complimented my tux.  I told him to forget the tux, and that we should meet in my studio asap to discuss collaborating on a record together and start a live band." 

​The next day, the two musicians met at Bacolas' home studio to have a meeting to discuss plans for starting a band, create a legal partnership, and prepare a budget to self-finance a full length record with Bacolas as producer and lead engineer.

​​​​​Their style of Mediterranean driven music is romantic, soulful, and passionate, delivered with an energetic and emotionally-impacting live performance.   

The Rumba Kings are a Spanish-guitar driven instrumental music duo, hailing from Seattle, Washington who formed in 2015. The band is comprised of George Stevens (guitar, bouzouki) and Johnny Bacolas (bass, bouzouki, guitars, keys).  Accompaniment members are Teddy Adams (guitar), Tor Dietrichson (percussion), Andrey Zasypkin (drums), Geoffrey Castle (violin), Christos Manolopoulos (drums), James Bergstrom (drums), Sofi Alexandrou (vocals), Rustam Shtar (vocals), Giannis Mosxonas (percussion), and more artists.  

This is NOT your normal instrumental group! The band puts a big emphasis on their showmanship. Guitarist, George Stevens says, “I like to integrate a show when I perform, by dancing while I play, and reacting with the crowd. I want to give the audience a heightened experience of not only the music, but also the visual aspect. In my experience it's best to please all of the senses.” 

And please the senses they do.  They crowd is either hypnotized by the beautiful music and precision musicianship, or on their feet dancing at their tables!

Lefteris and Johnny recording
Sofita Studios, Athens, Greece - ​September 2017


Rustam Shtar performing with The Rumba Kings
​May 2017