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Their style of Mediterranean driven music is romantic, soulful, and passionate, delivered with an energetic and emotionally-impacting live performance.   The Rumba Kings were formed by members George Stevens and Johnny Bacolas. “I've had the great pleasure, and was very blessed to get together with an amazing group of musicians since I've been out here in Seattle. We started a band that plays a wide range of music styles such as Flamenco, Rumba, Greek, Italian, Spanish, and much more. In all my years of performing, I've never been more excited than now, because of the amazing music and musicianship that we have in this new band.” - George Stevens

The band consists of members, George Stevens (lead guitar/bouzouki), Johnny Bacolas (bass guitar/bouzouki/guitar/) Teddy Adams (lead / rhythm guitar), Andrey Zaspykin (drums), Tor Dietrichson (percussion), and James Bergstrom (alternate drums/percussion).  

The band performs nylon-guitar driven instrumental music, and they put on a very entertaining show! This is NOT your normal instrumental group!  Actually, the opposite! The band puts a big emphasis on their showmanship, “I like to integrate a show when I perform, by dancing while I play, and reacting with the crowd. I want to give them a heightened experience of not only the music, but also the visual aspect. In my experience it's best to please all of the senses.” – George Stevens.  "I know the importance of putting on a show.  It's more than just playing your instruments, its about putting everything you have into the performance, and creating that magical energy that gets into the soul of the audience." -  Bacolas.  

"There's a much bigger picture...."  - Johnny Bacolas

In the Spring of 2013, Producer Johnny Bacolas, began forming an original group with the vision of writing and recording beautiful Mediterranean-inspired pop music, and performing the music live with a powerful, passionate, and exciting show.  "I was searching for musicians that had something very special about each of them.  I literally auditioned over 75 + musicians, and hand-picked each musician in the group. It took over 3 years to get to this point in that respect," Bacolas said.   He continues, "I was looking for artists that were capable of delivering passionate, energetic and emotional performances. I want to give the audience a musical experience they won't forget.  I feel it's really all about the live show now."   One of many inspirations Bacolas had what new age artist "Yanni" was doing in the early 90's and 2000's, "I thought he had a great model, basically performing Mediterranean-inspired piano music with a symphony behind him. I've been writing and producing music with similar elements throughout my career, although also very different.  One difference is that I incorporated more exotic stringed instruments such as Greek bouzouki, Spanish guitar, Oud, Turkish Saz, etc.  Many of my songs are longer than your typical three minute radio song too.  I write and produce the music with the concert in mind."  

Most of the members of the "original group" are the same as The Rumba Kings.  There is no name for this group at this time, as this will be decided upon once recording is completed.  It may even remain The Rumba Kings.  No decision has been made yet.  At this time, we simply refer to the group as "The original group."  The band is currently in production making their debut record.