​Drummer and Percussionist

Andrey Zasypkin performing on "Dance with me" by The Rumba Kings

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Andrey Zasypkin, is a Ukrainian born drummer who performs on the majority of the songs on both albums by The Rumba Kings,The Instrumental & Vocal Sessions, Vol I.&The Instrumental Sessions, Vol II.

Andrey started taking drum lessons when he was six years old, and continuously studied and played drums until he graduated from High School.  He continued pursuing a career in music by studying at Donetsk Music College, majoring in performance and teaching.

In 1994 Andrey relocated to Seattle, and while teaching and recording in Seattle, successfully entered the Seattle music scene as freelance musician, and teacher.

Andrey has performed with such artists as William Gallagher, New Age Flamenco, Od Yishama Orchestra, The Rumba Kings, and Acoustic Fantasy​

"Andrey's style of drumming has been a vital element in developing the band's sound.  His playing is really tasteful and soulful.  Andrey has performed live with the band more than any other drummer, and recorded on almost every song on the band's two albums.  He's an important part of our team and all of us really enjoy performing and recording with him.  He's a top-notch pro in every way." - Co-founder/Producer Johnny Bacolas

​Andrey is currently one of the live and studio drummers in The Rumba Kings' rotation.   

Andrey Zasypkin performing on "Guitar on Fire" as performed by
​The Rumba Kings