Antreas Mortakis is a musical prodigy who lives in Corinth, Greece, began playing clarinet at the age of seven years old.  His family has deep roots as musicians.   His grandfather, Christos Martakis was his clarinet teacher up until the age of nine. 

 At the age of eleven, he started preforming live concerts.  Now, at the age of fifteen (2021), he has collaborated with several of Greece's top name musicians and singers, such as Makis Christodoulopoulos, Hara Vera, Yiota Griva, Stavros Zoumbas, and many others.  He is an accomplished recording artist, as well as a live performance artist. 

Mortakis is currently collaborating with The Rumba Kings on new music. 


Antreas performing live with the legendary vocalist,
Makis Christodoulopoulos